Gail Olsen began beading more than a decade ago when a friend observed that “with as much as you like jewelry, you should learn to make it yourself.”  It started simply as a stress reliever from a very demanding day job, but developed into a passion for creating wearable art.  Now that she has retired from her day job, Gail expects to spend more time creating jewelry and learning new techniques.

One of the aspects of making jewelry that Gail finds very appealing is the ability to customize jewelry to fit the wearer’s body.  “We’re not all tall, thin fashion models,” Gail observes.  She also enjoys occasionally repairing pieces of jewelry for family and friends.  “People bring me things that they treasure not because they are made of precious metal or stones, but because they are favorite pieces, associated with happy memories.  It’s gratifying to see how overjoyed they are to be able to wear the repaired piece again.”

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